Jeff Ogden

Jeff is the owner of Contemporary Images, an architectural metalworking firm.  I met Jeff about 10 years ago when I was in construction and he saved my ass by fabricating the railing for my partner's house when the original sub left me high and dry.  It was so close to the wire we were installing the last rail 30 minutes before the house warming party began.  Needless to say I was impressed by his craftsmanship and ability to get things done.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky he wanted to open a fitness club. However, in one of life's typical detours, he priced the weight equipment and undertook to make his own (pretty typical of his fierce determination). He quickly realized he needed to learn a great deal more about fabrication and thus started a 4 year apprenticeship which took him to the coal fields of Kentucky welding scoop buckets among other things. When he was satisfied with his skill level he started making and selling weight machines out of a barn on his family farm in Hamilton Landing.  From there it was on to a hell hole shop in Covington and finally his present location in Newport in a building that was nothing more than a burned out, water logged shell when he started rehabbing it into the 13,000 ft2 facility it currently is.  Jeff found The Granary after we had been talking about starting to look for a place to redo where Motolight could move into. It took about a year and its then owner dying before we purchased the buildings from his widow.  We spent the summer of 1998 redoing the haybarn and cleaning out the seed mill and held the first Granary Meet in 1997.

Jeff has made himself into a very repectable amateur flat track racer.  He has already built his 2nd practice track and has honed his racing skills predominately at a bull ring of a track at Lawrenceburg Speedway on Friday nights.  He built a stunning XR100 for his girlfriend Gina to flat track and she has become a pretty good racer in her own right.  He has done half mile races and loves them.  He has competed twice now in the AMA Amateur Nationals.  He is currently completing a stunning HD twin Flat tracker which I will add soon to the bikes to covet pages.

Chris Jacobs

High atop a lookout on the Blue Ridge I wonder if the National Park Service realizes they are running an amusement park for motorcyclists.

I think I am supposed to use the third person but I find it awkward to refer to myself as he/him. I founded Motolights which manufactures and sells super nice halogen riding lights for motorcycles.  I sold it to Tina and Rob Hollaender of Lets Roll, Inc., who have done an incredible job reviving and building the product.

Jeff and I own The Granary LLC together. The Granary Meet is a way for Jeff and me to share The Granary with everyone.  We are committed to it being a fun, laid back meet where we can all hang out talking, looking at and riding our bikes.  I love back road riding and especially the roads throughout Kentucky.  I tell my wife, Rita, I would rather ride my bike in the rain than sit home inside.  We have a daughter, Sophia and a son, Paul.  We're sort of late to the parent game but loving it just the same.

I own a mint 1988 Kawasaki KLR 650, a Gas-Gas 250 (which I never get to ride) and a very much in need of help Gilera 125.  If you ever meet me, in 10 minutes you'll figure out that I have never seen a bad motorcycle in my life. They are all beautiful, every last one of them. My wife owns one bike, Pee-Wee Herman (her name for it), an '83 Honda 50cc 2 stroke Urban Express.

She wassa so beeeutiful! (and then I sold her)