The Granary


We’re creating a Pantheon at to honor the people we most admire, and we’re even thinking of having an annual awards ceremony.  You’re welcome to attend and also to suggest honorees.

The Roman emperor Agrippa built the first Pantheon in 27 B.C. as a temple to honor all gods (pan = all, theos = god).  We’re not voting in new gods, but we liked Agrippa’s idea of paying homage in one place.  We’ve met and read about many impressive people and most are unsung, often because they didn’t talk about their achievements - they did them.    The close of the 20th Century is not a time of heroes, so it’s a perfect time to inaugurate our Pantheon.

Nowadays it often seems the phonies hold the floor.  Fakers of all stripes get their mugs into the ‘infotainment’ and ‘news chat’ shows and on the pages of glossy magazines and newspapers. You think you’re reading about people of substance but often you’re just reading about good talkers.
In Agrippa’s day, a clever man couldn’t ‘position’ himself into the Pantheon.  Either you were a god or you weren’t.  Same is true of our Pantheon, except we’re dealing in men and women.

The scale of achievement in the Granary’s Pantheon is relative to the individual.  We may elect an Everest climber or the mother of a handicapped child - or both.  We’re looking for extraordinary bravery or inventiveness, and for people who don’t dedicate a lot of time seeking the cheap limelight of empty celebrity.  We want people who climb the mountain just to see the top.

What’s it all have to do with motorcycles?  The motorcycle embodies the spirit of exploration and is transportation at its most basic.  No protection from the elements, no air bag or CD changer, just enough engine for rider and cargo, plus the bare minimum of wheels needed to do the job.

Let us know what you think about the Pantheon; and please feel free to email us your submissions.