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I have begun the article on Jeff's flat tracker in Bikes to covet.  I have more to add but am just starting now and adding as I have time.  I am not very happy with the pictures but am still learning how to use the digital camera.

Pro Stock Performance will be at The Granary Meet 2000 with their dyno.  I had them run my KLR650 last year and was immensely satisfied to know that this beast is cranking 37 hp at the rear wheel.  I would highly recommend this procedure and Chris is a man who can be trusted.


A long time coming.  Finally I am updating the site again after what can be best described as a character building 2000 to date.  Among other experiences I have slept on a couch at my in-laws for 3 months, then a sleeping bag for another 2 weeks and ending with a cot for the last 6 weeks. My wife and I bought a 70 year old house and then a friend of mine and I proceeded to remove nine 30 yard dumpsters of it.  I knew it had become an extensive remodel when I could stand in the basement and look through 3 floors of the house and see the roof rafters.  My motorcycling season ended abruptly upon meeting a tree one glorious Sunday morning in July.  Like I said just one of those years.

The good news is the Granary Meet 2000 will be held Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1.

I have added a bikes section to the site to begin writing about and showing some of the really interesting machines I keep coming across.  I have about 5 bikes already lined up and should have the first posted by the end of August.

Also by the end of August I will have the site cleaned up and current.  I have edited it a bit and am always looking for contributions so email me.


MV Agusta has a beautiful page showing a chronological history of their bikes.  Check it out at MV Agusta History .  Who on your block is going to get the new MV?

Other Italian news is the V11 Sport from Guzzi.  It is due here in January 2000 and looks awesome.

We've added Moto Guzzi to the manufacturer's web sites and updated some out of date links for other manufacturers.


I am finally back.  What happened to the weekly updates?  Motorcycle weather, Motolight, Mr. Mom duties, sciatic nerve problems (again), a new/old KLR 650 that has been a revelation and the inability of Mr. Duke (my co-conspirator) to access the website.  So there is now a new policy regarding updates.  When the weather is nice they will be sporadic but more frequent than the current 4 month lapse.  We started doing the website in the dead of winter when time is in surplus and the bikes in hibernation.  Now when it is warm out I would rather ride a motorcycle than write about them anyday.

There has been a big announcement by The Barber Motorsport Museum.  In what has to be one of the greatest gestures in the world of motorcycles Mr. Barber is going forward with a new facility to house their fantastic bike collection and having a road race course built at the same site!  With all due respect to NASCAR (and I am a fan) when was the last time a racing facility was built in the US with road racing as it's primary concern and motorcycle road racing at that?!  You can get the details at

THE GRANARY MEET 1999 is set for September 25 and 26.  We will have some very nice bikes on display in the building, dealers representing BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Laverda and Triumph, hopefully dyno runs on one day and food and beverages available for a reasonable cost.  As always a very laid back affair which is really just an excuse to let everybody get together and talk about and look at bikes.

Unmarked police cars are lurking about on Sunday mornings along Routes 10 and 159.  So far a golden Chevy Lumina and Blue Crown Victoria have been spotted and some boys have been given energy tickets.  Winding it out on the straights is probably something you want to think twice about these days.


The Natural Bridge Route.  About 350 miles, this route has it all; great roads, beautiful scenery, plenty of places to stop and excellent food.  It would be a natural for an overnight if you wanted to spend more time at Natural Bridge Park and Daniel Boone National Forest.  Hell, I had a good ride checking the mileages and it never got above 45 degrees!

Some Motorcycle News Georg happened across.


Craig Echols writes an excellent piece about why one goes to a motorcycle school and his thoughts about Reg Pridmore's CLASS school.

A beautiful modern day version of the BSA Goldstar is being made in Italy.  This gem of a bike is the Borile B54T as reported on at The Thumper Page website.

Rick reviews Encyclopedia of Motorcycles.   Georg also entertains some introspection about the opposite sex which is not such a bad thing since the book is currently out of print.  We are compiling a list of used booksellers who can be a resource for looking for out of print motorcycle books.

The British Rocker movement gave us cafe racers and has an excellent site on the bikes of this genre.


Helge Pedersen, a motorcycle world traveler to the tune of 250,000 miles through 77 countries over 10 years is coming to Cincinnati.  BMW Tristate has arranged for Pedersen to bring his multimedia show to town this April 7th for what should be an interesting evening. (3/12/99)

West, Ohio River Route (3/05/99) A beautiful tour of the Ohio River with plenty of backroads fun.

Racing Links (3/05/99) A start and really not meant to be comprehensive, just some road racing sites we like.  The AMA Superbike site is giving a daily blow by blow account of Daytona which is outstanding.  Joey Dunlop is a throwback to days long gone when it comes to racers. The Isle of Man borders on religion especially after you have seen Dunlop or Hislop's on bike video laps.

Book Review of The Perfect Vehicle, by Melissa Holbrook Pierson (2/26/99).  An excellent but hard to pigeonhole book about the motorcycling experience.  Georg liked it alot.

Book/Tape Review of Lieutenant Hornblower, by C.S. Forester (2/26/99).  Books on tape can be great change of pace from radio or music for audio background when you are working on the bike. Or when you have to use the four wheeler out on the bleak interstate.  Review by Georg Duke.

(2/26/99) Granary Routes are finally being posted to the site with maps.  These are the routes we offer at The Granary Meet each year with more being added.  Interstate travel is avoided always with serpentine, scenic, uncrowded roads and home cooking restaurants emphasized.

Ed Youngblood, 18 year AMA President, resigns (2/19/99).  Article by Chris Jacobs chronicling the swift demise of our longtime AMA president.

Tour The Granary ( 2/19/99) - Pictures and some of the story of what we have done and plan to do to The Granary building.

Book Review of The Alluring Target, by Kenneth Wimple (2/15/99)- Reviewed by Georg Duke, the other half of, this book is in a subject area of tremendous interest to us, adventure.  For us it is a natural extension of our motorcycling.

Pantheon (2/09/99) - Heroes we admire.  We have a list and are busily preparing stories which will be posted as completed.

Rallye de Automne Campagne (2/05/99) - A vintage sports car rally The Granary LLC is putting on.  Chris navigates in rallies with a friend, Tom Maly, in Tom's 1960 Austin Healy 3000 and they decided to put on their own rally for older sports cars.