The Granary

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A little pictorial tour.  A work in progress just like The Granary.  Click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture.

The big picture.  Our own railroad siding.  Someday we are going to buy an old flatcar and park it out front to act as a porch.  It is an active CSX siding with one of our neighbors getting as many as 8 cars a day depending upon business.  Its always fun to hear the muffled diesels of the switch engine and their clanging bell and look out to see the switch go by our doorway.
The Granary was formerly Keller feed and seed mill which is being brought back to life as a motorcycle clubhouse by its owners, Jeff Ogden and Chris Jacobs. The building is nearly a century old and spent the last 7 years before we acquired it as a home to pigeons (by the hundreds) and storage for a junk man.  The pigeon tide was turned back with new windows and the removal of a 1000 lbs of dung and carcasses.  It was easily the most unpleasant 2 weeks of our adult lives as in a brilliant bit of timing we did the work in the high heat of July attired in appropriate and very hot suits and respirators. For 6 months we heard everyone's story about someone they knew who died of hystioplasmosis from cleaning up after pigeons.  Hey what are family and friends for?!

The view from the top room, aka The Pigeon Vanderbilt.  The north view  of the Cincinnati skyline.

More to come!