The Granary


"Danger, Danger Will Robinson!!"

The Robot from Lost in Space, truly inspired bad TV

We have encountered all manner of hazards, including but not limited to:

* Coming over blind rises and around blind corners and finding slow moving tractors across the road often pulling trailers or equipment which can effectively decapitate or mutilate the unwary motorcyclist.

* Cows who have won their freedom and are contentedly standing in the middle of the road contemplating what to do with this new lease on life.

* Deer who are very skittish by nature.

* Farm dogs who love to chase motorcycles at the risk of your and their well being.

* Field mud which is as slick as motor oil when wet.

* Gravel from a drive washed into the roadway by a recent rain.

* Cow manure, chain saw oil (apparently bounced off a truck and the bottle split upon impact - I stopped to clean this mess up with the help of a local farmer) and fresh grass clippings all of which severely diminish one's coefficient of friction between rubber and the road.

* Early in the morning or after a recent rain, intermittant wet pavement, especially hard to detect under tree cover or in the valleys - As Joey Dunlap always says "you must be very careful when it is wet", a masterful understatement by one of the greatest Isle of Man Champions.

* The occasional local kid who wants to show you he is faster in his S10 Chevy than you.

* Trees as I so painfully learned in 2000.  The sons of a bitches do not yield to flying motorcyclists.  In fact you don't even take off much of their bark.

The roads are like sirens luring you into complacency with their beauty and rhythm. You cannot drop your guard though because the consequences can be dire.  Striking a balance is the challenge of our sport.   Please be careful.

Natural Bridge

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