Last year's Mill Run has morphed into The Granary Reliability Run this year and down the road.  I've wanted to do this event since I read about the Pasadena Reliability Run which is now put on by Hop Up magazine as the River City Reliability Run.  Here's the skinny.

The Granary is a 100 year old feedmill in Newport, KY I own with my good buddy Jeff Ogden.  The building is a blow away of wood construction and we've owned it and worked on it for 8 years as we slowly bring it back.  We put on The Granary Meet for bikes every year as we are both into riding (Jeff is way into flat trackin').  It is very easy to get to as you can see for yourself at our map.

You need -
- A rod or custom or pickup, preferably traditional, definitely pre '67, although obviously repo is fine by me.
- A navigator who can read, not get car sick, has a pen and can do a little arithmetic.
- A full tank of gasoline - we are headed down into the country where we bike and gas stations ain't littered all over
- A donation of $20 per car to cover our cost
- Bring Your own adult beverages.  We'll have waters and sodee pop.
- GIVE US A HEADS UP if you intend to come. (513) 871-3199 or

A rough plan of the day - still need times -
- Meet at The Granary at a time still to be determined but probably late AM.   We'll have the coffee pot on though to get our brains a workin'
- Register and get your car # and map/route instructions.  Your car # is your start time
- Go run the odometer check to make a correction for your mileage versus the route instructions.
- Don't worry if you don't have an odometer or yours isn't for s--t.  You'll have landmarks, route #s and road names to know where to turn.  The idea is not to get lost.  And you'll still be able to compete seat of the the pants style.
- Get ready to take off at the start line on your minute.
- Our route will get you out into the countryside ASAP and you'll go til our break (or your break which was the point of a reliability run), probably in Rabbit Hash (where a dog was the elected mayor for some years).
- Return route back to The Granary.
- We'll be firing up the grille for our cookout and calculate the winner(s).
- Jerry King and Rivertown Ramblers ( will bring on their righteous Rockabilly at 8PM

Tag and y'all are it.  Pass it on and call or write me if you got questions.  If you get this and you're not on my list drop me your email so I can get the final time info and last minute news to you.   If you just want to come by for the cookout and tunes be my guest, just throw me a few bucks to help with the $$$.

(513) 871-3199