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BMW Motorcycle Owners of America - The largest BMW motorcycle club in the US. Their magazine, BMW Owners News is excellent if sometimes maybe a little too sanitized. But with 25,000 members/owners it is hard to have an edge and not roil the members. As an information source for BMW motorcycles membership is well worth the cost.

BMW Riders Association - The alternative BMW club. I'm happy to be a member just to read the newsletter, On The Level, put out by Mr. Hellman, its editor, with an edge like very few publications. You have to like BMWs though. Their national rallies are worth attending and they don't care what you ride - probably because they firmly believe if you have any sense you'll end up on a BMW.

International CBX Owners Association - I accuse my friends who are members of being involved in a cult. But then the CBX in all it's glory is a motorcycle a cult could worship. As one CBX friend said while looking at a picture of an H-D from the front, "where's the engine?"

Honda Sport Touring Association - HSTA is always looking for the best sport touring roads and good restaurants. Ride to eat and eat to Ride, a motto I always keep near my heart and stomach. Ownership of a Honda is not required and non-ownership of one is not unusual among members. The Ohio Chapter of HSTA Home Page.

FSSNOC, The Thumper Club- There is something very appealing about thumpers. Maybe it is the fact that they, for the most part, remain light and nimble, a seemingly foreign concept to motorcycle manufacturers these days in the US.

Moto Guzzi National Owners Club - I've talked with MGNOC members and it sounds like they have a nice club.

Queen City Lady Riders - Women on Wheels is a very active club of women motorcyclists in our area.  I know several of the members and can vouch for their motorcycling skills and enthusiasm.  By the way they do a lot of rides and ANYONE is welcome to participate.  I always look forward to their annual evening at Lawrenceburg Speedway.


CYCLE NEWS Calendar of Events - This is a tremendous resource for racing events.

The Cycle World Motorcycle Shows - Held throughout the winter months around the US I've been to the show in Cleveland and Chicago and it is well worth it. There can also be pretty good deals on equipment.

Just Stuff - Non motorcycle

Currency Converter - When you're looking at parts or bikes denominated in currencies beside the US Dollar or thinking of doing an out of country bike trip.

U.S. Naval Time - Don't laugh it comes in handy.

United Parcel Service aka UPS - Figure out how much something is going to cost to ship.  Especially nice for overseas but shipping UPS is not cheap (just very reliable).

United States Post Office - A great little time saver which lets you calculate cost to mail and find zip codes very easily.

Formula 1 Racing - I grew up very passionate about F1 racing and the assault on your vision, hearing, smell and good sense of an actual in person, not television, race was exciting. IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE MIDWEST AND LOVE MACHINERY YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO GO TO THE USGP AT INDY.  Go for the Friday practice session when the crowds are low, you can sit anywhere around the track and it costs $10.  Hearing the engines in full song is worth the price of admission.

Manufacturers - official home pages

Motorcycle Hodgepodge

Archie's Ducati Corner of the Web - I came across Arch on the Ducati mail list and his website is excellent especially if your interest is Ducatis with extensive information about the considerable 900 modifications he has made to his own bike.  Added to this he has a Boston Terrier, one of the finest dogs you could ever befriend.

CR500RR SuperMotard - I chatted with this Englishman who is truly being eaten alive by his need for the ultimate street fighting thumper.

Cycle Trader on the Net - While away hours searching for that perfect bike which will complete your destiny. Heaven help me if they ever charge for access to their site. If my wife saw a log of all the times I've been there she would realize how stark raving mad I am.

The Ducati Index - An excellent site for all you Ducatisti and wanna bes. I purchased my 900 from a classified on the site as well as some parts and have nothing but good to say.


CYCLE NEWS - Weekly motorcycle mag. They give you several major articles on the web which is great. What is really neat though is their CYCLE NEWS ARCHIVES of articles and road tests going back 4 years. Finally we don't have to save all our old magazines. Also nice is their CYCLE NEWS Buyer's Guide which I find myself referencing (the paper one) all the time.

Motorcycle Online - The original online motorcycle mag and worth a run through. Again, the beauty of the computer in that one can easily access archives.


AMA Superbike - The pipeline source for professional road racing news and gossip.

AMA Superbike Racing Portal - They have put together an excellent portal for the AMA Superbike series.  They cover everything from tickets to team websites.

Isle of Man, Tourist Trophy (TT) - Still the most harrowing of all the major racing events where stone walls and high curbs make up the run-off areas for the racers.  Site of the greatest comeback race of all time, Mike Hailwood's victory on the Ducati when he defeated the full might of the factory Honda team.  It is said that every sport motorcyclist owes themselves visiting this race at least once in their lifetime, something I definitely plan to do.

Joey Dunlop aka "Yer Maun" - Probably one of the 2 greatest road racers to compete at the Isle of Man (Hailwood is his peer),  The loss of Dunlop in a race in 2000 was a very sad day for road racers throughout the world.  Joey was one of the most down to earth racers to have ever graced the sport.  He worked on his own bikes and holds the record for race wins in the TT.  His on bike footage at the TT course is the stuff of legends and his thick accent an absolute marvel.

World Superbike Championship - The closest professional road racing in the world.  If you don't believe me come see my 1995 WSB championship tape the year Corser won on the Ducati.

Schools - Track & Safety

California Superbike School - I think this could be the original motorcycle school founded by Keith Code, author of Twist of the Grip. Having never attended or known anyone who has I can only say my thumbs up is based upon the book, excellent especially after you have been riding awhile, and their longevity.

Class Motorcycle Schools - One of my best biking friends has been to this school 2 or 3 times and highly recommends it. I signed us up the first time and then I couldn't go but the techniques he has come back and told me about do work. The owner of the school, Reg Pridmore, is a past champion racer and his son Jason currently contests various AMA Pro Road Race series including Superbike. However, this school is for every rider, not just racers. My friend tells a funny story about the first time he went of being passed on his BMW R1100RS by a Goldwing. It gave him some instant perspective about motorcycling skills.

Freddie Spencer's HIGH PERFORMANCE Riding School - The name says it all. Fast Freddie is the only person to double the 250cc and 500cc GP Championships in the same year and his battles with Kenny Roberts in Roberts last season are the stuff of legends.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation - This is where you send your friend who has decided he wants a motorcycle but has little to no experience. The courses are so cheap they are only a step away from paying you. I have also talked with many riders who did the advanced course and felt strongly that it is very worthwhile.

Penguin Racing School - A friend, Jim, who has done Penguin's School several times highly recommends it. They sound a little more informal which can be welcome. Jim tells a story of one year when Tom Kipp was a guest instructor. Kipp was a very friendly fellow who was racing Superbike at the time. Jim got some great insight from Kipp about technique and then ended up on the track behind him. Jim was leaned over in a corner onto a long straightaway and just felt like he was flying and maybe even catching Kipp just ahead of him. About when that thought was warming him to a proud glow under his helmet Kipp sat up and turned around in his saddle, looked at Jim and gave him the thumbs up as he disappeared down the straight. Jim figures you could probably see him slump on his bike as he deflated! We are all always reminded by such little incidents that it is easier to be famous in our own mind than own time.


CYCLE NEWS TV listings - Television is antithical to motorcycling but then I'm one of those people who would have a "Kill Your Television" bumper sticker if I could find one. But hey, we can't ride in the winter in the midwest so it gives us something to do.  Cycle News does such a good job with its listing compilation this may end up being a one link category.