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Jeff's Flat tracker

Jeff is competing this year at Lawrenceburg Speedway on this Flat tracker he assembled.

He purchased the frame as a roller from a fellow competitor.  The frame was manufactured by Ron Wood Racing and is fabricated of chrome moly steel and then nickel plated.

The front forks are Showa and the triple trees are adjustable CNC milled units from Kosman Engineering.  There are no front brakes, only a single disc in the rear.  The rims are 19" front and rear and are from Akront and Sun while the tires make for a great trivia question.  Goodyear exited the motorcycle tire business some years ago but still makes the Eagle D/T II for dirt track.  They are tube tires, size 27.0 X 7.0-19 front and 27.5 X 7.5-19 rear.  They are available in 3 compound hardnesses, 8 (hard), 5 (med) and 2 (soft).  Jeff is currently running a 5 on the rear and 2 on the front but intends to switch to a 2 for the rear.

The twin shocks in the rear are WP shocks from White Brothers.  While this is an uncommon configuration for modern bikes Jeff's informal survey of other flat track participants finds that they still prefer this to the monoshock set-ups available.

The engine is from Ron Wood Racing also.  It is a Wood Rotax 605 with an estimated horsepower output of 50hp at the crank.  This is exactly as the engine comes out of the box from Wood.  They offer additional levels of tune but for as small as Lawrenceburg is Jeff has more than sufficient power.  It is air cooled.  The bike is push started.  There is no battery.  The pipe is also from Wood.

More to come.