The Granary

1998 Meet

With more time available a lot had changed since the 1997 Meet. First and foremost we completely refurbished the hay barn which has been rented out to our neighbors, Tim Rolf of Rolf Monument and Phil Rolf of FerraStone. With the help of some friends we poured over 150 yards of concrete including a new floor and driveways for the hay barn and most importantly a ramp into The Granary for bringing the bikes into the building. With the ramp we were able to display bikes at the 1998 meet something everyone seemed to enjoy. Also new for 1998 were dealer displays of BMW by BMW Motorcycles of the TriState, Ducati, Laverda and Moto Guzzi by Heritage Motorsports and Triumph by Mopackel (expected to be online by 2/99). It worked great for everyone attending because both Bill (R1100S) and Alan (Ducati ST2) provided demos so what was not to like? Both have committed to returning in 1999 and we will be trying to add some other manufacturers as well.

Inside The Granary not much had changed to the 1997 eye but in fact Jeff and I had finally cleaned the building completely ending with several miserable weeks of power washing. We thought cleaning the pigeon aftermath in July last year had been bad but it really just created perspective for the misery of power washing overhead. We had also installed new windows and security screens, an alarm system and security lights, a second bathroom and hung our collection of motorcycle posters and Big G signs.

For the Meet we added several new routes, obtained an A.M.A. sanction and had Matt Siegert do an outstanding Meet poster. We will be doing an original poster every year so you might want to start holding onto these.

These pictures don't do justice to how beautiful the bikes looked sitting on the wood floors surrounded by the wood walls and columns. There is something about the contrast of the bikes and the old building that they complement each other. When we rolled Jim Meyer's Ducati pictured below inside we came back an hour later and were awestruck to find a sun beam hitting it in such a way that it seemed God was doing a photo shoot.

The bikes were beautiful sitting in the building!

The R1100S from BMW TriState. A joy to ride.

3 Ducatis and a Laverda from Heritage Motorsports and you don't see the 2 Guzzis they also brought.

Triumphs from Mopackel. Check out the funky green on the 509 on the right. An outrageous enough bike to get away with that color.