The Granary

1997 Meet

Held on Sunday, September 28, 1997, we had only owned the building about 45 days. We were able to do little more than sweep the place out, including about a half ton of pigeon shit and carcasses. Jeff and some friends built a new oak dock the weekend I did my Motolight thing at the now infamous BMWRA rally at Fontana, NC (by the way the Graham County sheriff responsible for that travesty was DEFEATED in the next election and yes I personally witnessed the helicopter flying overhead playing the "Bad Boys" theme song from "COPS"). We called our families and biker friends, hung posters at a few known haunts and sat around Sunday morning at 7:30AM wondering if anyone would show up. They did and we were motorin'!

Hangin' out on the dock

Lunch and the Isle of Man inside The Granary